Scuderia a guild in MapleSea bootes server....
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 SS with GMBDonPao

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PostSubject: SS with GMBDonPao   SS with GMBDonPao Icon_minitimeMon May 14, 2007 3:19 pm

1 day Mr bean told us tat , he pm GMBDonPao to come ss with us...we all so excited n all rushing to FM n wait....we wait n wait n wait n wait n wait..x1000......
SS with GMBDonPao Maple00051yn9
till we all fall asleep....GM stil not appear..zzz pig pig
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0006abf3
Mr bean cheat us... f5f5f5f5 Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0007zw9
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0008aum3
GM harlo to us...
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0010ajm9
we start take ss with GM..
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0012cx6
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0014ahk0
GM standing..
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0015aiy2
GM sitting...
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0013agb4
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0202atm2
gm f3 with kia...
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0014agp0
hey enuf lo....dun too show so many ss
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0016agz0
then ninja ask gm summon mob...
SS with GMBDonPao Maple0017ato9
he beg GM to do tat....
wht happen after tat...??? did GM really summon a mob..??? u all ask ninja aka kaogaiji...

p.s: thx for GMBDOnPao coming, n others member...although sum of them adi leave us, but u all stil in every scuderia members memories....
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SS with GMBDonPao
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